Monday, August 14, 2006

still waiting

We had another doctor's appointment today.  Went on the monitor again and baby still proved herself to be a champ.  In fact, Geron and I got a real kick(excuse the pun) out of watching my tummy "jump".  Baby girl was quite active, needless to say.  We asked Doc if we would be having her next week before he left town.  He said we'd do another ultrasound NEXT Monday and if she's still breech, then yes, we'll be having a baby next Wednesday. (August 23rd).  If she's not breech, then he said we should try to hold out.  I haven't dilated any yet and haven't had any contractions, so she doesn't seem to be in a hurry.  At this point, I'm hoping she's still breech and that we will have her next week.  That way I definitely get MY doctor and we KNOW when she's coming.  And while I don't intend to sound selfish here, I've allready scheduled my leave--so I really need her to come on time so we can afford her!! (I don't know if we'll ever actually be able to AFFORD her!)   I'll keep you updated.
Today was quite rough.  Students started back to school-YEA!!! I've missed my kids.  That part was good.  The hard part was that I've started having pains in my lower pelvic area--I'm assuming thats part of my body getting ready.  Well, it took me about a minute to walk halfway down the hall at school--a walk that could normally be made in about 10 seconds.  I think I'm hitting the "Get her out" phase finally.   Just another reason to hope she's breech so we can meet her early.  I'm guessing her to weigh about 7 pounds now, maybe 7 1/2.  YET ANOTHER reason to go c-section.  If we make it full-term I might have to have one anyway because she will be huge!
So, there's the latest.  Please pray with us for a healthy baby and safe delivery. 
P.S. thanks for all the clothing advice.  I put the bubble away--we'll save it for her first trip to church.  I've packed a soft romper and a beautiful pink gown my friend Wanda gave us in Richmond.  Both are big enough for larger babies, so hopefully that will cover it. 


ann said...

You could give your students a special job of getting to push Mrs. Lydia down the wall in her wheelie chair. Like, one kid's the line leader, one holds the flag, one does calendar, one pushes Mrs. Lydia's wheelie chair...

Tooz said...

Boy, that Annie has good ideas! I wondered why you didn't call us last night, but am glad to hear a report from the doctor. So we may actually have a little more time, huh?

Poor you--I know you want this to be over. I promise you that after she comes, there will be times when you wish you could put her back in, so you know that she has what she wants, rather than trying to interpret those cries. You'll catch on, though. We all have. Love you.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

7 pounds isn't big... Jamie weighed 8 lbs 9 oz, and he came out the old-fashioned way. There was a little girl born at the same time as Jamie who weighed 13 LBS!!! and her momma had her the old-fashioned way, too. (In case kids are reading this, I thought it better to use the euphamism "old-fashioned way" than the medical term, if ya know what I mean!)

Love ya!

And I remember those pains. They are your pelvis getting ready for baby, but if they are hurting you, CALL THE DOCTOR! Even if they just tell you it's normal, it's still very comforting to hear from a medical professional that it's normal. Otherwise you'll drive yourself bonkers worrying!

Love ya bunches!

Suze said...

7 lbs is very average. i think i weighed about that or a little less when i was born, and i was 2 weeks late. my own chubster was 9 even, born just 1 day after he was due!

Lydia said...

I know 7 or 7 1/2 pounds is not big. But girl is putting the pounds on quickly. By the time her due date arrives, I would estimate her to weigh 9 or more pounds. I saw a picture of a 9 pounder at church Sunday--she was a hoss! Ann and I both weighed practically 9 pounds when we were born--me 8 14 and Ann 8 15. Mom survived, so I probably can, too. I'm just ready for her to be here now. I got used to the idea of her coming early, so I'm hoping she's still transverse when we have our next ultrasound on Monday.

Just Julez said...

I had my 3 sections 3 to 3 1/2 weeks early (I went into labor early), and they all weighed over 6.5 lbs. I asked my dr. what they might have weighed if I went full term and he said around 8.5 to 9.5 lbs.

Which leads me to say: "C-section-its a GOOD thing"

When your mom said "there will be times when you wish you could put her back in", she speaks the truth. I'd like to add "And when she is a teenager, and you DO know what she wants, you'll want to do that then, too"

It impresses me to no end that you've kept such an upbeat attitude! I had all 3 of mine early, and I feel pretty sure the boys' dad thinks of that as just another blessing. I can't say for certain his patience with me would've lasted another 3 weeks!