Friday, August 11, 2006

What not to wear

I thought that title would get my sister's attention, at least, since she likes that show! I'm actually in a dilemma about what TO wear---and not for me, but for baby.  I've thought that I was ready for the hospital.  I packed mini-me's bag and have started my own.  (some things just can't go in til last minute.)  Now I'm starting to second guess myself.  So, ladies, I need your advice. 
I've packed undershirts for while she's still in the hospital, cute little white, pink, and purple ones.  I've also packed to pairs of " booties".   The check list said to pack only one blanket.  Is this for the trip home or for while she is in the hospital.  I'm under the assumption that the hospital would provide receiving blankets during her stay and then we would just need one for the ride home.  The list also said to pack an outfit for the trip home.  This is where my dilemma arises.  I packed her pink bubble--I think its Mom's, Patsy's, and my favorite of all her outfits here.  But I'm beginning to think maybe she should be wearing something long-sleeved like a gown or sleeper.   I think Geron actually came home in a Christmas stocking---since that's the day they were released from the hospital.  I'm just trying to think of what will be comfortable for HER in the carseat.  She'll have about a 15 to 20 minute long ride home and I want her to be comfortable.  Any suggestions?  What did you all bring your babies home in?  I want to be able to use the same outfit for her pictures, too.


Becca said...

I brought CJ home in a Pooh pajama sleeper given to us by our friends Sally and Joe, and wrapped in a yellow crochet blanket made by the mom of one of Tom's coworkers. This was December.

I would say go for an outfit with legs so you can buckle the carseat comfortably; the bubble may not work for that. I'd even recommend bringing a few different options--that way, you can decide based on her coloring, her activity, or your mood.

As for undershirts--they'll put her in one after she's born and you may not be in the hospital very long. They had shirts there when CJ was born, and he didn't wear any that we brought. And you will have receiving blankets there, and maybe a really nice blanket for the bassinet that you can take home--CJ's bassinet blanket is now his blanky.

For yourself, take nice, loose clothes--tshirt and sweatpants worked for me, with slip on shoes. And don't worry about shoes for baby; she won't need them.

Tooz said...

I agree with Becky about the outfit with legs--Everett had one of those little sleepr things with feet that babies wore so much back then. His had a matching cap. They used to call them "Take-me-home" outfits. You wore a little gown with a matching blanket--maybe because I didn't want to fool with trying to find an outfit that would fit.

I never heard of having to take clothes to the hospital for the baby--they always dressed you all, same with blankets. They just put longsleeved wraparound undershirts on you all, from the beginning. (Of course, there were several days when you were just a butt-naked (I don't remember a diaper, even) little orange pumpkin, with a blindfold.) Same deal with blankets--I would have never thought to take anything other than the take-home outfit.

I like Beck's advice about taking several outfits. You might take one small, one slightly bigger--different colors--or even lay some out ahead of time and let Geron bring the one you decide on, rather than packing them all. Save the little bubble thing for church or a formal portrait. The hospital picture is usually only head and shoulders anyway. You might want to take some of her barrettes or hair bands--then folks will know right away that she is a girly-girl! Love you.

Anonymous said...

I didn't need anything while at the hospital until it was time for pictures and to go home. I had planned to use the same outfit! you know the one in the shadow box in the hallway?? that was it! Well, he wore it for the picture, then he peed all over it! oh well... my brother and sister in law brought a great little outfit to the hospital and he came home in it! take a few options. I wouldn't worry too much about it though... she will be absolutely adorable in whatever she is in!! I loved changing Bryan's clothes, so he wore several outfits a day. it was the only way to get to wear them all before he ran out! ha ha!

What are YOU wearing home??? that's such a girl question, isn't it?? ha ha

Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

When I had my son I packed EVERYTHING that the check list said to pack and I did not use one single thing. We put him in a outfit that his grandma bought him. It was a little sleeper with feet in it. While in the hospital I stayed in the hospital gown,it was easiest to nurse in. I went home in the same outfit I arrived in. Trust me you will want to be as comfortable as possible as you recover. Our son wore the same thing home as he did in his pictures. The hospital should keep him in some sort of undershirt. They will provide formula if you need it, blankets for the baby, a paci that infants seem to love. They will prety much give you everything. So my advice keep you packing light because you will have SO much stuff to bring home. Lot's of flowers, gifts, and your new little one.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

When Jamie was born, the hospital provided onesies and diapers, a pacifier, baby blankets, wipes, formula (even if you didn't want it), etc. All I had to worry about was an outfit to take his picture in and an outfit to take him home in. Babies are getting bigger and bigger nowadays, so take one "newborn" outfit and one "0-3 months" outfit. And make it comfy with legs. I would make it have sleeves, maybe not long sleeves, but sleeves. And take socks for her. LIttle babies don't have an even distribution of fat and get chilled easier. Just don't go overboard and put her in sweats or anything! Oh, and for your own sanity, her take-home outfit should be something not required to go over her head and that is easily taken on and off. And cut out any scratchy tags from her clothes, and make sure the material is soft. Jamie was (and still is) ultra sensitive to tight or scratchy clothing, and would cry incessantly if his clothes made him uncomfortable. You could probably get away with taking her home in a soft onesie, socks and with a receiving blanket over her. Maybe a cute little pair of lightweight pants to put over the onesie.

Love ya. I'm so excited! I can't wait to meet her!

Suze said...

man, i can't even remember what daniel wore. it must have been two or three layers, though, because it was wisconsin in february. i'm sure you'll figure it out, though.