Sunday, August 13, 2006

new project

I've been fooling around with a new blog powered by VOX. I finally got the invite I had been waiting for to join up. It's a very handy blog interface. and some are even calling it a myspace killer. Check out my new project. I'll probably try this out for a bit to see how I like it. No permanent changes yet, but who knows.

check it out

by the way I can invite 2 other people to get a VOX blog. If you want one you should give me some reasons.


Anonymous said...

How do you post comments on the new blog?

Also, I think we need to post some new pictures of the nursery now that its decorated. Maybe we can wait and put baby in the pictures as well.

Anonymous said...

That phone shot of you reminds me of somebody--can't remember who, though. Interesting new blog--if you decide to get rid of this one, let me know so that I can change my "favorites".