Wednesday, August 9, 2006

wayback wednesday

The main reason I attempt to maintain a blog and a myspace page is to keep people up to date on what's going on in my life, and to make it easy for old friends that I've lost track of to find me. Last month two old friends, both found me through myspace. LB was a childhood friend from church and DL was a girl that I was friend with in middle school.

My oldest friend Travis, that I have been looking for, has finally found me. I've googled for him about a million times with no luck. When i was 4 or 5 my family moved to 704 Royal Street. It was a good neighborhood with lots of kids and dogs and stuff. Travis lived next door and was six months younger than me and we quickly became inseperable. We went to school together for the first couple of years until my folks took me out to go to private school. He was my best friend.

I was raised in a very sheltered home. We never had a tv growing up, but got one much later when i was in middle school. A lot of my earliest memories were at Travis's house. We would watch He-Man and GI-Joe after school every day. We also watched a show called Tranzor-Z. It was kinda like a poor man's Voltron. In the summer we always set up the slip'n'slide in the backyard. I learned the secret to a great time on the slip'n'slide is plenty of ivory dish soap. We played jarts and rode bikes a lot. I was intoduced to Mtv and vividly remember seeing my first Madonna video. Travis had a computer. It was a Commodore-64 and we would play games for hours. beach-head was one of the games we played alot, but my favorite was always Gunsmoke.

A funny thing I remember when we got a little older was Travis and his older brother Brian trying to teach me how to dance . I think we were listening to Kyper. I wasn't a very good student at dancing. One memory really sticks out. We went through a phase where we wanted to make our own cinnamon toothpicks. One day we decided to see what would happen if we put pure cinnamon oil on the family dog's tongue. Now I can't remember that dog's name, but i remember what happened next. Have you ever seen a little lhasa-apsa run in circles trying to wipe it's mouth out on the carpet? It's not something you soon forget.


Anonymous said...

Tranzor! Seeing that video brought back some memories. Along with a bunch of other things you said brought up some really good times. Sometimes you wish you could just go back and re-live it all because it was so fun! Long live BeachHead!! ;)

The dog's name was "Sushi" and it wasn't until about 2 yrs ago that she passed away which is a longer than average life for that particular breed.

Anonymous said...

Geron, I enjoyed reading this. I love it when people tell about their childhood memories, etc., on their blogs.