Thursday, August 17, 2006

the last few things

So, our lives are about to radically change. we have our list of things to do before our little bundle of joy gets here. today i went ahead and installed the child seat in the van. It went OK, but it was so hot out in the van this afternoon that my underwear started melting. After the car seat was fixed i came in and made 3 meat lasagna. mmmmm.

after we had dinner and watched Big Brother:All Stars, our favorite summer show, we started reorganizing the kitchen cabinets. We had to find room to put the bottle sterilizer, bottle warmer, baby bottles, breast pump, pump accessories and so forth. We had to do some shuffling to get all the important stuff in the cabinets. By the way, Lydia is going to shoot me for this, but i had to at least try to figure out how that breast pump thing works. here are some pics of my amazing educational journey.