Monday, September 22, 2008


Tonight, the kids and I decided to play in the backyard after dinner.  Well, Cohen didn’t actually play…but anyway.  Cora has a swingset with a slide and seesaw attached.  As I was holding Cohen, I wasn’t able to push Cora on the swing, but we did seesaw some in a round-about way.  And she could climb the ladder to her slide and go down by herself.  (Don’t worry, Dad, I held her left hand as she slid so that she wouldn’t get it caught.)  Cora really needed this time outside tonight and I needed to spend it with her. 

So, while we were outside enjoying the slide, I tried to teach Cora how to say ‘slide’ properly.  She always says “Pwide.”  (she also says “pimb” for climb…I don’t know why she says either of them the way she does.)  Cora would go up the ladder and then say “Pwide!” and slide down.  In an attempt to correct her I said “Slide, Cora.  Say ‘s-s-s-sssslide’.”  Cute as ever, Cora piped up “s-s-s- PWIDE!” 


We’ll work on it again another day.


Tooz said...

Reminds me of a Libby story. When her boys were young, one of them was in speech therapy because he couldn't pronounce his r's. Libby was working with him at home one night as his younger brother stood by. She would say things like , "Say rrrrr rabbit. Say rrrrrr rat. Say rrrrr raccoon." Little brother pitched in, "Say rrrrr polecat!" Kids--you gotta love them!