Tuesday, July 12, 2005

it's all getting blurry

ok as most of you know, Pastor Jerry and I have been working on remodeling some offices here at church. It's going well, but I think I tweaked my eye up. I guess some dirt from putting up drywall got up in my eye. Or maybe it was some of that gritty gunk that rests on top of ceiling tiles until some ususpecting do-it-yourselfer innocently lifts then up. I'm not sure what it is, could be fiberglass insulation. All I know is everything is blurry out of my left eye. I think this was complicated by the whole contact lens thing. I'm kinda complaining a lot about it, because it really hurts and I'm a weenie.

if there are any good eye doctors out there give me you diagnosis.

wanna know what it looks like when you use a flash, look over there >>


Anonymous said...

THink you got some crusties in the corner.

Anonymous said...