Thursday, January 12, 2006

A 3rd Wheel is a Good Thing. Remember Big Wheels??

Today I got results from the second set of blood work, which I had done on Tuesday. My levels are good! I’m still on the Prometrium until my next doctor’s visit, which will be January 23rd, but I’m trusting the Lord to keep seeing us through. And if I have to stay on the meds a while longer, I’m fine with that. I told Geron today I wish I could start throwing up, just so it will be more real to me. (BLAAACH!!) Anything would be good just to know the “3rd wheel” will soon be here. I still don’t know a due date, but should be able to find out on the 23rd. I’m also excited that I’ll finally get to meet with my doctor again instead of going through these nurses, who are wonderful, by the way. I’m dying to tell people. I think that will make it more real, too. My friend, Andrea, is always saying “you’ll make a good Mommy” or “Look at that cute baby—You’re next!”

I want to say “You bet I’m next!” and “By the grace of God I might be a good mommy”. But, I wait…and wait… and in the meantime people are wondering why I’m so tired all of a sudden and why I want to sleep through my lunch break.