Monday, January 9, 2006

tear the roof off the sucka

Today I spent the entire day at the new house. We painted. When I say "We " I mean pastor and myself. My pastor paid his wife and kids way through college by painting houses. He is very good. I know this may not impress you, but he doesn't have to tape off or anything. He did the cutting in and I did the rolling. He make a pretty good team, and it's good to know that if our congregation ever gives us the boot we can do other things. Got the Living Room, Dining Room, Hallway, and Master Bedroom today. He also painted all the crown molding in the LR and DR. I guess the really good part about this is that the landlord was going to require a deposit, until she realised how much work we were going to put into fixin the house up right. So now she is not requiring one. Yeah!!


Anonymous said...

what color did you paint?? just curious! I can't wait to see it. Jeff, Bryan and I need to find a time to come and visit. Get our room ready! HA HA HA! (and the cards) Love you! give my love to Lydia as well!