Sunday, January 29, 2006


Today we told the church the news about the baby. I was a little embarassed with so much attention, but I at least know that this baby will be loved by MANY people. We have such a wonderful church family. I was telling someone tonight I was concerned about being a good mom, and he said "You have a big family here who will make sure you're a good mom." I'm overwhelmed with the amount of love we received today from different people saying they would help in whatever way they could. My friend, Liana, told me that my doctor delivered her little boy, Nathan, and that she was pleased with him, so that gave me some comfort knowing the baby would be in good hands. She's also been willing to give me advice about Labor (the thought of labor is quite scary) and whatever else I might have questions about (Thanks, Liana!) And my good friend, Kim, called first dibs on babysitting. Ofcourse, you'd get dibs, Kim! (All the kids in our church are crazy about "Mrs.Kimmy"!)
After church, my sister called and wanted to tell her fiance, Daniel. I gave her the go-ahead. She also took time to tattle on Mom, who was supposed to wait for the go-ahead before telling anyone, but blabbed to some friends at church this morning. I can't blame her really. I blabbed to a couple of people too, before I was supposed to tell. Its just too exciting to keep it to yourself. This is her first grandbaby, by the way. I'm really proud of her for making it this long, really. We went to lunch with Geron's parents after church, and found out that his mom had told people, too. Its her first grandbaby, too, and she's tried really hard to keep it quiet. If you'd seen her reaction when we told her, you would understand what a hard trial she went through not being able to tell.
Tonight, when we got home, I called Pam and Sue Ellen. They, along with Holly, were tops on my list of people to tell in Richmond. I had a wonderful conversation catching up with Pam. She has been my mentor for probably the last 5 years. She is a woman after God's own heart and its evident to anyone who meets her. I imagine I will be seeking out MOUNDS of advice on parenting from her. I didn't get to tell Sue Ellen tonight. So, if you're reading this, don't say anything to her about the baby unless she mentions it to you first.
Tomorrow, I will tell my kindergarten teachers at school. I can't wait. Its been crazy knowing and not being able to tell all this time. For example, yesterday, I was at a women's retreat and signed up for a no-sew throw seminar. We learned how to make those really cute fleece throws that are kind of popular right now. Well, I picked a baby blanket pattern. There were two ladies from my church in the same seminar and they asked me if there was something I wasn't telling them. Well, I didn't want to lie to them, so I just flat out told them. And added "YOU CAN"T TELL ANYONE". After the seminar, we met with the rest of our group and we each were showing them our blankets. Well, people wanted to know why I had made a baby blanket. I said "Its a baby gift." Well, Lindsey, I could've killed her, said "Who's it for?" I wasn't ready for that. I said "A friend." "What's the friend's name?" I wanted to smack her!!! ( I love her, but I wanted to smack her) It took me a minute and I spit out "Emily" And we left it at that. I felt so guilty for lying. I don't have a friend name Emily having a baby, although I do have a friend named Emily who had a baby almost two years ago. IT ate at me and ate at me that I'd flat out lied to Lindsey. I couldn't wait til today to tell her the truth--I was afraid she'd be angry with me when Geron announced it and she found out I'd lied. (Dummy me, she's not like that.) Well, I pulled her aside and told her, but told her not to tell anyone. Yeah, so I guess I was the worst blabber of them all. I have no right to get onto my mom or Geron's mom for telling. We're all just too excited to keep our mouths shut.