Monday, January 9, 2006

God is Good

Today I had a bit of a scare. It was my first day back at school and I was so excited about seeing my little friends! Edgar, my Hispanic “sweetheart” was back from a 1 1/2 month trip to Mexico. He is one of the CUTEST kindergarteners, and probably my favorite. Well, the day was going great until I got a message in the office to call my Ob/gyn. I figured it was to find out how far along I was. It turned out that I needed to start taking Prometrium. All I was told was that it was to get my progesterone levels up. I immediately got on the internet and looked it up. I started seeing the words premenopausal, postmenopausal and miscarriage, problem pregnancies---all those scary words that a new mom-to-be doesn’t want to see or hear or even know they exist. Well, I began praying that God would protect this baby and make my body work right to carry it safely to term, but I was still a little uneasy. Tonight, I picked the medicine up from the pharmacist and was informed of the same thing I’d read on the net. The prometrium is supposed to increase progesterone levels in the uterus until the placenta develops. Then, the placenta takes over and I can abandon the Prometrium. Everything I’d seen had been scary to me until tonight. I looked the drug up again on the internet, and in God’s good timing, I found a story about a woman who had to take prometrium and had saw all the same scary stuff on the net that I did. Her story wasn’t looking too promising at first; she went through ordeal after ordeal after ordeal. So, finally, I just skimmed down to the bottom of the story and saw that she had a baby girl and she made it!! That was promising to me—encouraging to say the least. God knows what I need to keep my mind at peace. He is the Great Physician and he can take care of my body and this baby he’s entrusted to us. I will praise Him and trust Him. I know that whatever will come our way, He will see us through.


Anonymous said...

God will most certainly protect you and this precious life! I am ssooooo anxious to meet him or her already!
Blessings on you all!

heather honaker said...


i am praying that God will continue to take care of you throughout this pregnancy, and that he will give you peace and comfort, he'll take away any fear that you might have.

i'm so excited for you and geron! even though i've been trying for a little over 3 years, i still get so excited for my friends when they are expecting!!

love you!