Monday, January 23, 2006

A good name

Okay, so maybe its a little early to think of names, especially since we don't know what sex it is. My college friend, Tonya, lovingly refers to her unborn as the banana. So, I figured I needed to come up with something. Well, today, I had my first ultrasound and inspiration struck. I found out that I am 8 weeks and 3 days (HAVE TO ADD THAT 3 DAYS PART; GERON IS A STICKLER ABOUT THAT) along and that the baby is the size of a lima bean. So, for the time being I have affectionately dubbed this little one "Lima Bean" or "Beanie" for short.
Growing up, I wasn't as creative as I thought with names for my dolls and stuffed animals. The stuffed animals in particular were very lacking in creative titles. My pink teddy bear was "pink teddy" and the bear that was a little bigger than that I called "Big Teddy". I also had a bunny with a potbelly who I called "Potbelly". And when I was in college, Geron gave me a stuffed wrinkle dog (shar-pei) who, you guessed it, was "Wrinkle Dog". My dolls, on the otherhand, had a little different names, although they weren't so good, either. At 2 1/2 I had "Ishy and Tenny and Nonny". I think Nonny got the name Rebecca, my middle name, at some point and then later, after getting a haircut that revealed the metal circle her hair was glued to, became "Doughnut". So, I figure Lima Bean isn't such a bad name for now. And you can rest assured that Lima Bean will not be named "Baby Girl" or "Baby Boy" later on, but have a real name, a good name.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm very happy for you. I found something in the store here in Texas that I'll have to get you. I've never seen it in KY or when I lived in TN. It's diaper rash ointment called "Beaudreaux's Butt Cream." Just the name cracks me up! And when "Lima Bean" grows up, I promise I WON'T teach him/her to sing the "Tattooed Lady" song. Love, hugs and congrats all around!

Anonymous said...

Jenn! Hey! They have Beaudreau's Butt Cream out in AZ too--It's sitting in Christopher's room.

Lydia, Lima Bean is a perfectly good name. Christopher was (and sometimes still is) affectionately known as Biscuit.

heather honaker said...

actually it's called "butt paste" and i've seen it in target here! it always cracks me up!!!