Thursday, January 19, 2006

so hard to say goodbye

yesterday we laid to rest one of the pillars of our congregation. Her name was Irene Wolfe and she was loved by everyone in our church. back in march when i first came to grace church she walked up to lydia and i and said, "My name is Irene, some call me Irene the Nazarene, but you can call me meemaw" [nazarenes aren't known for their humor] She will be dearly missed by all. My sunday school teacher, who is dealing with cancer, told us sunday that the rest of us would have to pray extra hard for him because he knew and felt her fervent prayers on his behalf. Sunday evening, in the service someone asked those who had been the recipients of a cake or pie that she had brought them to raise their hands. Most of the congregation had their hand up. Then we were asked if she had sent you a personal note of encouragment to raise your hand. even more than before went up. She was a godly lady and set an example of hard work and faithfullness that challenges me to do more for the kingdom.