Thursday, January 5, 2006

Good News

This afternoon I went with Lydia to her appointment with the Doctor. Last Saturday, She took the EPT test and it was positive, so today she was going to the doctor to confirm it. I've never been to a gynecologist's office before(go figure). It was overwhelming. Expectant mothers with bulging bellies were waddling all over the place; up to the desk then over to carefully sit in a seat. Most people looked happy, some sad. I saw a teenager come in with someone who looked to be her mother and sit in the corner of the waiting area. She was wiping tears, and wondered what her story was. I found a magazine and sat down to endure the wait.

Lydia finally was called back and was anxious as she was gone. I read an article in the latest TIME about the technology going into bowling balls these days and another about Martin Luther King Jr as I waited. As the giant fish tank I was sitting beside continued to grow in volume to a near deafening level, I waited. Finally she peeked out with a big grin on her face and said, "I need my purse." So I gave it too her and she went back inside. A moment later she reappeared,grin still intact, and said, "I'm Pregnant"