Sunday, January 15, 2006


Yesterday was moving day. We had 10 men from church helping, along with Geron’s dad, and the two1/2 of us. Things went quickly and smoothly at the old house. All of our furniture was loaded in 30 minutes—NO JOKE! Everything was well and good until someone started a joke at the new house. Both bedrooms are on the back of the house. The left bedroom is ours and the right bedroom WILL be the nursery, although noone knows this yet. So, as people brought things in I would say “Put it in the left bedroom,” or “That goes in the bedroom on the right.” Finally, someone said “IS this going to be the nursery?” I quickly said “No, this is the guest room.” Well, despite my answer, it was then labeled the nursery and for the rest of the moving experience, I would say “put it in the guest room” and the men would say “That goes in the nursery, fellas.” I gave up and went along with it. At least I wasn’t lying if I chose to call it the nursery. But, right now, as far as they’re all concerned, it is only a guest room, and as I told someone, it would probably stay a guest room for a few years. Lord willing and everything goes okay, they will know soon that the last laugh is on them.