Friday, January 6, 2006

Congratulations Mom and Dad, you’re getting old

Originally, Geron and I said we would wait until the end of January, first of February before telling anyone that we are going to be parents; however, after the doctor’s appointment yesterday, I was way too excited to keep it to myself. So, we decided we’d tell his parents when we were showing them the new house. We’d planned to go through every room and tell them what each room was going to be. Then, when we got to what would normally be the guest room, we’d just casually say “and this is going to be the nursery.” Well, we went through every room and finally got to the big moment and Patsy looked at me and asked “And what’s this room going to be?” Well, Geron was supposed to be the one to tell his parents! That’s just how its done! I answered “I’ll let Geron tell you.” Then she got this crazy look on her face like ‘could it be? All my life I’ve waited for this very moment. Is it finally hear at last?’ you know the look. And Geron said “the nursery. And she just laughed and cried and laughed and cried some more! And then all the questions and aha moments started spilling out for the rest of the evening. After dinner at Lillie May’s, we headed home and I called my parents. We were hoping my sister wouldn’t be home so that we could keep it from her until, February when we start telling everyone else, but Ann answered the phone. So, we decided we’d tell her, too, but only because she lives with mom and dad right now and would probably overhear something. I didn’t tell her. We chatted a bit and I asked to talk to Mom. When Mom got on the phone and said Hello, I said “Hey, Granny!” It took her a second. “GRANNY?!” she said “AREYOUPREGNANT!?” just like that, “Yeah.” Good thing we’d decided to tell Ann, too, because she knew now, as did my dad, and possibly even their neighbors! After talking to Mom, I said hi to my dad, who I called “Grandpa” cause I know that’s what he’ll want to be called when he is one. They’re pretty excited. But I imagine everyone is going to have a hard time keeping it a secret for a month. I keep wanting to call Holly and Jeff and Pam and Roger and friends all over the place. I think I’m going to have the hardest time keeping it a secret out of anyone, especially when I start throwing up.


heather honaker said...

maybe you won't start throwing up. i never did. :)

The Drama Mama said...

Congratulations. Being a parent is a beautiful thing. And the Johnson's people are right: Having a Baby Changes Everything!

Best Wishes...
Erin Leland