Sunday, January 29, 2006

Special Announcement

drum roll please...

We're Pregnant !!!!!!!

well not we...more like she. but whatever you get the picture.

I'm gonna be a Daddy!!!

Of course this was something I was going to have to blog about, so we're doing something special. Check out

Lydia and I have been documenting our thoughts and emotions from the very beginning, and will be daily posting them a few at a time on the baby blog.

Mama and baby are both doing well. We are about 9 weeks along, and due between Aug 26 and Sept 1. No puking yet, but that will probably all change as soon as I post this. We are totally excited and scared all at the same time, please keep us in your prayers. Feel free to tell everyone you know about our great news and give them the web address to our new blog


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Yay Mama and Papa! That is really exciting news. I'm going to go check out the new blog now.

Anonymous said...

I just came from your new blog. CONGRATULATIONS you two!!! Excitement, love, and prayers are being sent right now!! [scott looks like he's concentrating] Right... NOW!

Anonymous said...

YAY! congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you wanna get on the ball with your regular blogging? I'm missing my husband's thoughts not concerning baby! THis is a loving repramand. GET TO IT!!